Artboard 2 Sanctioned Player

Name: Yannick Ebbinghaus

Age: 23

Nationality: Dutch

Fine Received: $ 10,000

Punishment: Sanction Spent

Dutch tennis player Yannick Ebbinghaus has been suspended for six months and fined US$10,000 after admitting offenses under Article D.1.a of the 2013 Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program.

Three of the six months period of ineligibility will be suspended on the basis that the player commits no future violation of the Program and that he attends anti-corruption education training.

$5,000 of the $10,000 fine will be considered paid in full if the player co-operates with the Tennis Integrity Unit in educating others about the prohibition against betting.

23-year old Mr Ebbinghaus admitted contravening Article D.1.a of the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program on 67 occasions between May 2012 and February 2013.