Artboard 2 Sanctioned Player

Name: Sergei Krotiouk

Age: 34

Nationality: Russian

Fine Received: $ 60,000

Punishment: Life Ban

Russian tennis player Sergei Krotiouk has been banned from the sport for life and fined US$60,000 after being found guilty of offenses under the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (UTACP).

Mr Krotiouk, 34, was found guilty of 41 charges under Articles D.1.d (14 charges), D.1.e (14 charges) and D.1.g (13 charges) of the UTACP. 

The life ban applies with immediate effect and means that Mr Krotiouk is not eligible to participate in any tournament or competition organised or sanctioned by the governing bodies of professional tennis from the date of this statement.