Artboard 2 Investigations and Sanctions

Investigations and Sanctions

The TIU works on a confidential basis and makes no public comment on investigative and operational matters. If an independent Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer determines that a corruption offence has been committed, the Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board will publicly report the Decision.

The investigation process

  • 1

    Intelligence gathering

  • 2

    Assess all information received

  • 3

    Open investigation when evidence indicates corrupt activity

  • 4

    Interview suspects and witnesses and analyse data and financial records

  • 8

    All decisions subject to separate appeal to Court of Arbitration For Sport

  • 7

    Decision and penalties announced by Hearing Officer

  • 6

    Hearing held by independent Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer

  • 5

    Evidential file submitted to Professional Tennis Integrity Officers (PTIOs)

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